Cladding system

1. Open – Joint Aluminium Cladding System

Description: A non-load bearing external cladding assembly defined as a wall comprising an outer skin of panels and an airtight insulated/non-insulated backing wall separated by a ventilated cavity. It is designed in such a way that the air gap between the cladding system and the building’s inner leaf should have either a proper drainage and ventilation system or is pressure equalized (the air pressure in the gap is the same as that of the outside conditions). This ensures that the cladding system provides enough “pressure cushion” as a protective layer.

Advantages of this System:

1. Superb formability
2. Wide range of fixing and jointing techniques
3. Light-weight and easy to handle in the workshop and on site
4. Low maintenance
5. Low deadweight as compared to stone finishes
6. Easy to install

Project Reference:

1.1 Capella
1.2 City Square Mall
1.3 Royal Plaza on Scotts
1.4 Singapore Land Tower
1.5 China Square Parcel F
1.6 Fullerton Square