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For system producers like us, the requirements of the market have become noticeably more extensive and sophisticated. Custom-made solutions as part of the project development process are now the norm in our day-to-day business.

Feasibility studies and cost analyzes have to be performed in order to find efficient and economical ways to realize the exeptional concepts planners and architects come up with in the course of tenders and competitions.

Proven techniques and sophisti-cated systems as a solid foun-dation. Technical creativity and the courage to tread new paths. Together they form the basis for visions.

Meroform Systems

LED + System

MERO LED Panels requie only less transportation and storage volume

  • LED Panels, just like the graphic material, are rollable.

MERO LED Panels are designed for a minimum construction depth

  • 50 mm for Advantec, 80 mm for R8 Plus and M12 Plus.
  • The graphic receives optimum illumination with approx. 4900 lm/sqm.

MERO LED Panels are modular in width and height

  • Thereby enabling a flexible adaption of the light boxes to specific existing project realities.

M12 Plus - The R-Evolution

Instead of Revolution – Evolution, the continuously progressing development. Under this premise, the Construction System M12 was examined with regard to the optimal concurrence of style and functionality. Rent a system in the color of your choice and adapt it to your individual needs. Companies change their corporate design at regular intervals. Promotional campaigns require an individual coloring. The new MERO rental systems are available in RAL colors, texture paints as well as wood finishings. Color concepts can be continuously realized, storage capacities and costs can be reduced.

M6 System

For expressive detailed planning counters, shelves, fair furniture. For these applications, the new M6 system has been developed. Visually matching with M12 Plus system and, despite smallest dimensions, with all advantages of the MERO node.

The M12 Tube and Node System

In celebration of the 100st anniversary of the foundation of the State of Czechoslovakia and reviewing 1000 years Czechia, MERO-TSK manufactured a one of a kind Arcus for this exhibition.


R8 Plus for your larger ideas

With elegance and clear shapes, the large-format profiles of R8 Plus become a highlight in the exhibition and fair building. The actual secret of the profile series lies in its core. This is based on the geometry of the 8C support of the R8 program.

Advantec The Wall System

The concealed system technology creates the optical impression of a conventional wall solution. Lightness and speed are essential features of Advantec. The surface is a fine pearl texture with fire protection class B1.

4D Wall and Double Deck System

Die Stabilität der Konstruktion zeichnet das 4D System aus. Dem Baukastenprinzip entsprechend besteht das 4D System aus austauschbaren und wiederverwendbaren modularen Bauteilen

Meroform Exhibition Floor

The Meroform Exhibition Floor is conceived for the use at fairs and exhibitions. It is designed for temporary use, fast assembly and disassembly, and the multiple re-usability of the construction parts.

Meroform Light & Light Beam

The single-layer supporting structure consists of few different con struction parts. In the profiles, commercially available lightning tracks can be installed. Spans of up to 6 meters between supports can be realized