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Floor coverings have an decisive influence on the appearance and function of an access floor. MERO-TSK offers a lot of suitable floor coverings for the different fields of application. Panel surfaces can be applied ex factory with textile, elastic or hard floor coverings. The floor panels glued with floor coverings in the factory have the advantage that the installation plenum remains free for access and that panels with installation units (e.g. sockets) can be changed to any other place without any problem.

Furthermore, panels can also be provided with parquet, artificial and natural stone (as marble and granite) or ceramic in our factory. For later installation of loosley laid carpet tiles MERO-TSK delivers the floor panels, if required, (e.g. wooden panels) with special coating ex factory.

All works regarding the installation of floor coverings at jobsite will be carried out carefully and professionally by MERO-TSK.

Access Floor

Type 6 Mineral

The MERO access floor system type 6 is suitable for data processing centres, electric operating rooms, laboratories, production areas and power plants.

The access floor panel type 6 consists of  fibre-reinforced mineral material which is non-combustible acc. to DIN 4102 and which can additionally be provided with steel sheet or aluminium foil by advanced backing procedure.

Type 5 Wooden Material

The MERO access floor type 5 is suitable for the use in offices, industry and administration buildings, bank branches, data processing centres and technique rooms as well as in store rooms and production areas.

The access floor panel consists of wooden material, emission class E1 and is reinforced by steel sheet by advanced backing procedure. The panel edges are protected against damage and humidity by synthetic edge trim.

MERO Type 3 Steel

The MERO access floor construction type 3 is the solution for production areas, clean rooms, data processing centres or laboratories. Due to its tensile strenght it is used where extremely high load bearing capacity and fracture strength is required.
The floor panels consist of a steel tubing frame which is covered by a high-grade steel plate. All parts are welced and protected against corrosoin by conductive powder coating.

Type 2 for Switchgear Stations

The access floor constructions of MERO type 2 for switchgear stations were developed in cooperation with electric engineers and power station specialists. The constructions have proved at best in rooms of high, medium and low tension, switchgear stations, battery rooms and emergency power supplies. In addition, type 2 is used as special construction for complicated bridgings as well as platform for fork-lift truck traffic. The used floor panels can be either of wooden material (see type 5) or of fibre-reinforced mineral (see type 6).

MERO floor type CleanRoom and MERO floor type 7 Aluminium

The manufacturing of components and chips of the micro electronic, the production in optical and precision mechanics industry as well as in pharmacy and bio-technology, are carried out under conditions for clean rooms. The MERO type CleanRoom and type 7 aluminium was developed especially for the requirements of clean room technology.

For this special use it offers:

  • air conditioning use: access floor as trailing floor
  • installation of all lines of the process units under the access floor
  • reduction of vibrations on dynamic stress

Heavy Duty Areas / Dynamic Loads

In the sixties when the computer technology accompanied by the necessary building services entered office- and administration buildings  the need of “elevated floors” – the so-called double floors – was created. Especially for computer centers and cable spreading rooms MERO developed special constructions which allowed to carry high loads and the installation of plenty power supply lines at the same time.


Floor Heating & Cooling

The MERO floor systems have proved its worth for the installation of service lines for many years. From now on MERO access and hollow floor can be combined with MERO floor heating and cooling.

Hereby, the advantages of a floor heating/cooling with those of a MERO floor system are combined.

Floor areas such as large bank lobbies, foyers and production plants can now be provided with floor heating/cooling in critical areas too. The floor type 6/calcium sulphate has proved as high thermal conductors respectively as storage for heat and cold.

MERO Refurbishment of buildings Low-Height-Access floor

The usual low access floor systems on the market are suitable for minimum construction heights allowing a maximum space utilisation. However,  they have the disadvantage that the subfloor area must be exactly levelled. Furthermore, the installation of electrical supply and waste lines is difficult due to the narrow pedestal module.