Project Details


AEDAS Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Ara Trust Management (Suntec) Ltd Singapore /Harmony Convention Holding Pte Ltd

Main Contractor:
Samsung C&T Corporation


Façade System:
Curtain wall system, Cladding system, Skylight system

In 1984, Singapore’s then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew invited a selected group of Hong Kong businessmen to invest in Singapore. Led by Mr Tan Sri Frank Tsao, the consortium proceeded to develop Suntec City as a landmark of architectural excellence and a modern, vibrant commercial centre.

Suntec (‘Xin Da’ in Chinese) means ‘new achievement’ and is intended to symbolize the future of the explosively growing Asian market. Designed as a ‘city within the city’, Suntec City offers a wide variety of shopping and leisure venues on a generously proportioned area. It comprises 5 office towers, a shopping mall, and an international convention and exhibition centre, all connected by street level plazas, streets, walkways, and courtyards. A striking fountain is the central feature of thearea.MERO Asia Pacific was awarded the contract for the remaking of the facades, which was successfully completed

in 2014.

In addition to the three canopies which were designed by MERO Germany, MERO Asia Pacific constructed the following scope:

All-glass facades with glass fins:   12,300 m²
Diverse claddings:   12,000 m²
Unitized facades:    5,300 m²
Mullion and transom facades     1,600 m²
Canopies (MERO BK system)  2,700 m²

The three canopies consist of a single layer MERO block node system with a radial grid, cladded with square fritted panels of double layer safety glass. The roofs are open on both sides, and slope gently towards the columns in order to assure a safe drainage. Drainage is achieved invisibly through the tree columns. At the edge, the canopies are supported on the existing high-rise towers, and on several tree columns in between. A substructure for light installations was constructed using the MERO KK system. The triangular girder was installed as the visual link between the glazed roofs and the office towers, respectively.