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Architects 61, Singapure

Singapore Country

Main Contractor:


Façade System:
Cladding (800 m² point-fixed glazing)

The highest degree of transparency for plane roofs or facades is achieved by using single-layer, prestressed tensile structures. They are especially recommendable in cases where the relatively high tensile forces can be transferred into a substructure without problems.
Tensile structures like the one at the Tampines Plaza building can absorb loads applied at a right angle to the net plane, e.g. dead weight, wind, snow etc., only by deformation, with the tensile loads developing a component opposed to the direction of the load action. The glazing system must be capable of performing under these deformations.

The sloping roof area of the Tampines Plaza building is approx. 225 m². The loads from the cable net are diverted to a huge steel ring. The cable net itself consists of stainless steel cables with a diameter of 26 mm. The 12 mm thick panels of laminated safety glass are point-supported on spiders which are clamped to the cable net. The special MERO point-fixing system ensures constraint-free deformations.